Clark Strategic Partners

Sustaining the Planet

Welcome to the Clark Strategic Partners website.

Clark Strategic Partners (CSP) is a full service strategic planning consulting firm devoted to working with clients in the public, private and non-profit areas across the globe to implement sustainable environments, renewable energy solutions and infrastructures.

The company's founder, Woodrow W. Clark II MA3, PhD has over 25 years of direct experience in environmental solutions, ranging from building complexes to water, waste, renewable energy, and transportation.

Through CSP, Dr. Clark educates private and public companies, non-profits as well as global leaders on how to solve the problems of climate change through the creation of sustainable infrastructures and agile energy systems. Dr. Clark works to achieve carbon neutral communities through the mitigation of climate change as the goal in implementing the "Green Industrial Revolution".

Clark Strategic Partners is the global resource for the public and private sectors. CSP believes the "world is round," not flat. What we, human beings do in one part of the world impacts all the other areas too - be it in the climate, economy and now politics...

We are ONE planet.

We MUST environmentally sustain the planet the future, for our children and grandchildren.